Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anchor Charts and Behavior Management

I have fallen in love with anchor charts.  I've started using them for everything and they are really helping my students to remember what they have learned.  I love that I have an easy reference for them to look at each time they need the information we already discussed.

One way I really love to use anchor charts is to help teach classroom expectations. At the beginning of the year we took a lot of time talking about classroom behavior.  Anchor charts are always a key part of that discussion.

This year I found the cutest clipart over at Educasong on Teachers Pay Teachers.  For those of us with little to no drawing skills this clipart is a fun way to make the anchor chart really pop.

 When we talk about behavior expectations we really focus on three main areas, active listening, following directions and lining up.  I usually find that these three areas cover most issues that happen during learning time in our classroom. For each behavior we focus on what a behavior should look like and sound like.  When we are done the anchor charts for classroom behavior stay posted all year long.  That way, when behavior starts to slip we have an easy reference for a quick reteach.

While I've always used anchor charts for teaching classroom expectations, I'm starting to use them more for academic areas as well.  This year, with the Common Core taking over, we've been talking more and more about being text detectives.  So I created this reading anchor chart to help kids remember the steps for going back to the text to find evidence for their answer on multiple choice questions. (Thanks to WhimsyClips for the cute detective kid.)

I've also been using anchor charts more in math.  This place value one was the first one of the year.  The kids copied this into their interactive notebooks as well so that even after I had to take this one down, they still have a resource to help them remember all of their place value terms.

I really do love anchor charts. I've become such an addict  that I even created a Pinterest Board completed dedicated to them.  Check out my Anchor Charts Galore board if you're looking for creative anchor chart ideas.

What do you love to use anchor charts for? I'd love to hear your great ideas.