Monday, August 25, 2014

4 AM

It's 4:00 AM and I'm awake, but you'll never guess why.  It's the night before I go back to school so could it be....

Nerves about the the first day?  ........... No

Teacher back to school nightmares?  ........... No

EXCITEMENT about the first day?   ...... No

The cat peeing on my leg? ........ BINGO!!!!!!

Ah the joys of owning an older cat.  That once cute little kitten who won your heart now tortures you in her old age.

The list of places my cat has chosen to pee, OTHER than the litter box, has grown tremendously this summer.  I thought I had her all figured out and the house strategically set up to avoid further accidents, but she foiled me again. There's nothing like the feel of warm pee pouring on your leg to send you flying out of bed.

My other favorite part of an aging feline is that she has stopped grooming herself.  Of course she didn't bother to TELL anyone about this change.  She just quietly stopped until the parts of her that never get pet, namely her butt and her stomach, were such a tangled mess the we had to completely shave all of her fur off.  Now she and I enjoy a lovely afternoon brushing each day.

Here's a picture of the culprit from her FBI files.  She's actually an all black cat, but the shave took off her black outer layer and left only the white undercoat behind. The black is SLOWLY growing back in.

Do you have war stories about your aging pets?  I'd love to hear them.


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