Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Make and Take Monday: Desk Drawers

For the past few years I have used drawers in our desks to help with organization.  I started using drawers after I had a child who, upon cleaning out his drawerless desk, discovered 14 pairs of scissors hiding in his desk.  Yes, that's right.  FOURTEEN.  Each time he needed a pair of scissors, instead of searching through his mess of a desk, he just borrowed a new pair from the "supplies to borrow" shelf.  That year I was constantly helping kids dig through their desks looking for lost items. (The most fun moment was when I pulled my hand out holding a piece of food that was literally fuzzy with mold! Yikes!)  So now, I use these drawers and kids are always able to find their supplies. They just pull their drawer out and it's easy to see inside.

These drawers are super easy to make.  All I do is take the lid from a box of office paper and wrap the edges in fun colors of duct tape.  The duct tape helps make them stronger.  Most drawers last two years, unless a kid is really rough on it.   On the first day of school I have all of the drawers stacked on a table.  Each kid gets to choose which color drawer s/he likes best and use that one for the year.

Ever since I started using drawers the amount of lost items in my room has gone down exponentially. Kids can find their supplies so much more easily.  My "Supplies to Borrow" shelf almost never gets used any more!


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